My Software

System Modifications (Beta)

A small AppleScript program designed for non-Unix users to make changes to their system otherwise requiring Unix to acomplish. This project started as a way for me not to have to remember the long Unix commands to edit the .plist files to do these things, so I decided to share it with you. This is only the second program I've written in AppleScript, so I'm sure it could be better. It will evolve with time.


BT CAM Upload Starter

This AppleScript will activate BT CAM, enter your password, play the camera, start the upload, and hide BT CAM. Very useful when used as a startup item.

Weather map download 1.0

These two AppleScripts will go to either or AccuWeather and download the most current Animated weather maps. The maps from are actually a series of 5 images, so this eliminates the need for one to go to 5 different URL's and download the maps individually. The maps from AccuWeather are layered, so that the overlays (roads, names, markers) are each seperate image files from the actual map. This downloads all the necessary image files so that you can put them together in an image/video editor (Photoshop, FCP).

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