Streaming Webcam with EvoCam

A comprehensive guide for streaming a webcam over the internet using EvoCam.

This guide is for informational purposes only. If you mess up your stuff, it's not my fault.


  1. Set up EvoCam web server
  2. Forward the ports
  3. Configure computer's network connection
  4. Set up dynamic DNS forwarding

Required items:

1. Let's get started. I assume you have EvoCam up and running with your webcam, so the first step is to turn on the Built-in Web Server. Click on advanced and turn on Allow Remote Admin. Use a good password because people will be able to access it over the internet eventually.

Next go into EvoCam's preferences. Use port 8080 if you want to, or pick another port. If you pick 80, you won't be able to serve a website from the computer, as EvoCam will take over. Regardless of the port, remember it or write it down.

2. Next go to your internet router configuration (I'm using an AirPort. Applications > Utilities > AirPort Admin Utility, click Configure.) Go to Port Mapping (or similar.) Forward the port from the last step to IP address or higher. Remember this IP address, too. Also note the DNS servers (usually 2 of them. Internet tab in AirPort Admin Utility.) Apply your changes.

3. Now go to the computer on which EvoCam is running. Go to System Preferences > Network. Click Show: AirPort (or similar.) Click the TCP/IP tab. Change Configure IPv4 to Manually. Type in the IP address from the port mapping step above. The Subnet mask is probably, and the Router is usually, but check in AirPort Admin Utility (or similar.) Also type in the DNS servers from above. Put a return between them if there are more than two. Apply the changes.

4. If you don't want to have to remember your public IP address (which I'm sure you don't: go to DynDNS.com. Create a new account (it's free) and set up Dynamic DNS. It will do everything pretty much automatically. Also download the DynDNS Update Client to automatically update you IP address. Run this on the computer running EvoCam.

Type in your new address (don't forget the port! http://my.webcam.com:8080 for example) and you should see your webcam. Done.

Tip: Put an index.html file in Macintosh HD/Library/WebServer/Documents and set it to forward to your EvoCam port. Use the following code in the <HEAD> tag:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="X;URL=http://my.webcam.com:8080" />

Substitute the italic parts with the time in seconds until the redirect, and the URL of your webcam (set up at DynDNS.com) respectively. This will allow you to avoid typing the port, and will automatically forward you to EvoCam.

Check out my webcam at http://edcarlson.dyndns.org:1024/


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